The move from selling us products – to just selling us

It is called many things when journalists, influencers and reviewers aims at making us jump into the shopping trolley

The challenge of (being) sponsored content

Text and drawning by Frits Ahlefeldt

We can only guess at how much of what we read are sponsored content, as part of the whole idea of sponsored content is that we don’t know that it is sponsored

Producers who wants to sell products, memberships, services, courses, insurance and just about anything else have realized that if they wrap it up in articles, reviews and other kinds of what looks like journalism, it is much easier to sell. A good rule of thumb is the classic that “if it is free – you are the product”

But this seems to be a bit outdated because today, more and more, we are still the products, even when we pay for them.

Could it be that the producers have changed focus from selling us stuff… to just selling us?

Man with a shopping trolley trying to persuade people to jump into it. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
“if it is free – you are the product”

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