Broken arm log

Note – Oct. 24. 2019 Evening. Just came back from the hospital, broken drawing arm… so switched to the right arm and continued drawing on…

evening drawing with my right arm for a change

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

drawing nurse explain broken arm
Broken left arm, the nurse told me…. – The arm I draw with – so I did this drawing with my right arm and slowly typed this with it too..

Your arm is broken” the nurse told me.

I’d waited all day hoping it would be o.k. Now I stood outside the hospital with my new plaster arm, I have four weeks to get to know my right arm better. I tried to unlock the bike I fell from yesterday using both arms.

Tomorrow morning I have my next drawing job… It was dark and almost raining… Looked at the arm and still wet plaster. “Don’t use your arm before the plaster dries” the nurse said.

If I started walking now, maybe I could make it back to my studio before the rain started…

man with broken arm and bike
tried to get the bike out, but too much hassle with one arm… I broke the arm falling from that bike… I decided to walk instead

keywords: journalism, drawn journalism, logbook

Drawn journalism is a project by Frits Ahlefeldt – about drawing up journalism, using drawings, sketches and watercolors, more than words

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