Circular economy bike

I was listening while sketching, from my corner on the floor, to yet another presenter talking about the problems of growth and how we need sustainability and circularity wondering how can I draw up this understanding…

Circular economy one wheeled bike metaphor

Idea, text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

I’ve been wondering about a way to draw up the contrast between classical understandings of growth – based on the ladder or stairway metaphor. And then those understandings of growth based on circularity – Something that still moves forward, but in a different way to the classic growth “stairway” – maybe a wheel will work I thought, and started sketching up a one wheeled circularity bike:

Concept sketch seeing circular growth as a way to move forward, not just around in circles

keywords: economy, growth, profit, circular economy, storytelling, drawnjournalism, journalism, drawn journalism, logbook

Drawn journalism is a project by Frits Ahlefeldt – about drawing up journalism, using drawings, sketches and watercolors, more than words

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