Is there a psychology of face masks?

The face masks gives everybody a certain new look, that can be seen around where people are close together. The look of worry, but maybe also the look of hope

Group of people wearing facemasks

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Experts say that facemasks will help us better avoid transmitting the COVID-19 virus. Both because they will make it harder for us to touch surfaces and then our face after, transmitting the virus to others or to us. And also because when breathing through it the breath or cough will be less likely to carry the virus.

Psychology of face masks

But the face masks also send more psychological signals, reminding us all about the presence and fear of the COVID-19 virus. Facemasks signals that we all have to be careful and keep a distance.

How these signals might influence our trust, fear and loneliness in the long run is still not clear to see. Some think in positive ways, when we again can take them off and reconnect, knowing what we have been missing.

Others fear we will see a wave of loneliness and fear slowly spreading throughout our communities, that might change how we interact, how we travel and how close we want to sit in cinemas and at concerts. Changing the way we share and experience culture.

Reminding us what we miss

Hopefully the face masks can also bring us closer together, while keeping our distance, and give us hope that we can take action, and remind us to smile more, when we get the chance again…

Illustration of people looking scared with facemasks on. Drawn journalism drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Faces of fear – reminding us what we miss

Drawn journalism story by Frits Ahlefeldt – My project about drawing up journalism combining illustrations and words.

Keywords: Covid19, corona, pandemic, social distance, loneliness, fear, isololation, drawnjournalism, Drawn journalism, illustration, drawing, news, journalistik, tegnetjournalistik, visuel journalistik, visualjournalism, graphic journalism

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