Sitting alone together

COVID 19 accelerate a trend from being together, to being alone, together

Moving into isololation

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

A few months ago we would sit down in the cinema, distanced from the rest of the audience, maybe feel a bit isolated and alone, not knowing exactly why we would tend to isolate ourselves in this way… Flash forward 3-4 months and now we have a reason: COVID-19

The posters on the wall, the messages on the screen and even the people checking the rows will make sure we keep our distance and go into what I call “isololation” ( prefering to be solo and isolated: ).

It is the new right thing to do. Keeping a social distance to anybody and everybody, if in the cinema at all. The alternative is just watching the movie on the phone instead. As most teens do, instead of on an old fashioned TV.

Movies and entertainment is not something we share anymore, like train rides, phones, cars, and even apartments in the large cities. More and more of us live, eat, drive, sleep… And watch movies alone.

But now, sadly, we even got an excuse to do everything alone…

Audience on seats sitting far from each other, looking scared. Drawn journalism by Frits Ahlefeldt
Did Covid-19 change the way we are attending events from together to alone?

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