Sketching on the water

The ferry hardly makes a sound as it moves out on the 45 minutes crossing that will take me to the next stage of my 2000km. hike around Denmark

People on a ferry

Text and logbook drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

People are also quiet, even the weather is quiet, we have the briese in the back and most are just watching the sea, or their phones

There is not much more than the ferry dock in the windswept area. I get my ticket from where the cars are lined up.

I am the only hiker, the only one on foot actually, so I enter the ferry first and get a coffee and a seat outside before the car crowd inters

I open my backpack and eat a couple of bonds Another part of my hike around the coast of Denmark done. I leave the island of Lolland behind and head on west to the next island.

Ink sketch of people on a ferry, sitting quietly. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
People on the ferry out on the deck, quietly waiting for the ferry to make it across

Read more of my logbook notes here is about researching and experimenting with drawing reportage, stories and journalism.

Keywords: travel, ferry, transport, Journalism, notes, drawn journalism. Graphic journalism. Visual story

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