Critically endangered bird is forgetting its song

The Regent Honey eater bird of Australia is dwindling in numbers and now only 300 are believed to exist in the wild

So few of this yellow and black bird exist in the wild, that they sadly get more and more separated. And now the last remaining Regent honeyeater birds have even started to forget how to sing their songs…

To help them experts try to record their song and play it to Regent honeyeater birds living in captivity, to help the species keep their songs and survive – according to story on BBC

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt


Regent honeyeater-Anthochaera phrygia-frits-ahlefeldt-concept
Regent Honeyeater bird sketch – Drawn journalism

Link: Watercolors of Regent Honeyeater bird here on the site

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