Pig kidney transplantation experiment worked

A successful test to use the kidney from a genetically modified pig, for a human, worked as hoped

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Doctors and scientists in New York (USA) have managed to connect a pig kidney to a human, and it functioned well for the more than 50 hours it was monitored, according to The New York Times

Story link: New York Times

Every day many people die while waiting for organs, the hope is that organs from pigs, that have been modified genetically, to fit humans, will help save lives.

While the the possibility of implanting modified animal organs, and make them work in humans seems more and more realistic in near future, the ethical, moral and also the long term consequences of heading down this path are far from clear.

Kidney from genetically modified pig, to be used as implant experiment drawing.
A successful experiment to use a kidney from genetically modified pig for humans was carried out in New York

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