Cows as climate solution

Cows can be either part of the climate problem, or the climate solution, depending on how we treat them…

Cattle can be important in rewilding projects

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Cows can give hope, according to the agriculture and conservation researchers debating more sustainable farming this afternoon, where I’m doing reportage drawing at the idea Grasp festival in Roskilde, Denmark

Many farmers are deeply concerned about climate change, and with good reason as people working with the land is likely to be hit harder and faster than other parts of society.

Several new techniques are both experimenting using new and ancient techniques. From no-till to forest-farming, rewilding and other conservation techniques.

The two young farmers at the blackboard are hopeful, saying they’ve seen good signs that cattle can be important part of sustainable farming, if we let them out under open sky, instead of keeping them locked up as in classic factory farming.

Read more about rewilding on Wikipedia

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