Risking no filter

Online reality comes with its own fears

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, DrawnJournalism.com

Alternative digital reality in different flavors and styles promise to make us better than we are

Filters that makes us appear younger, more attractive, smarter, or even appear as unicorns and other fantasy creatures. And surrounded by what-ever backgrounds, people, places and landscapes we choose from the menu and levels of options each one of us are on.

But despite all the things filters can do, they come with the same fear as good old pretending, the underlying risk of loosing it all if reality hits the emperor’s new reality.

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Drawing of a man with a tie, together with an unicorn and small flying Eros - cupid like creature. The unicorn saying "OMG your filter is off. )
Augmented reality comes with its own challenges ( Cartoon illustration ref. di01027 by Frits Ahlefeldt)

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