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Live drawing: Tourism, walking, birdwatching, taxpaying and customers can all support nature

Wildlife as driver of local economies

Biodiversity live drawings – Illustration and text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

An important building block in many nature and biodiversity projects are the people who pays directly – or indirectly to help keep them alive

Industrial farming is not much of a sight and few will pay to see gigantic mono-culture fields being sprayed with fertilizer and pesticides. It is a money machine nobody wants to experience anywhere else than at the check-out counter in a discount supermarket.

The challenge is that many nature projects have to compete with the money machine above. But there are many ways Nature and wildlife can defend itself from being converted into industrial farming for economical reasons:


Rewilding and nature conservation projects often depends on income from amazed visitors and guided tours, where they can watch the wild animals roam and birds migrate over their heads.

Branding value

And it is not only tourists that can help pay the costs of letting nature live. Shops and businesses can benefit from being connected to and associated with the reputation of places that are known for their wild beauty.


Money can also be raised through memberships, grants, donations, sponsorships, merchandise, Co2 quotes and giving back to nature campaigns

Becoming an attractive place to live

Wild nature (that can be experienced ) can also attract well-off tax-payers, who would like to live permanently in villages close by. This can also be an economical support for local nature projects.

A strong, caring community

And as nature and rewilding projects can help employ more locals than fully automated industrial farming, and also keep locals more healthy and connected, odds are there will be less health, social welfare and unemployment expenses.

Most professionals working in nature restoration and biodiversity are not much into the finance side of supporting nature. But as more sustainable economical models are developed to help wildlife. this side is maturing to compete with industrial farming…

Live drawing

Drawing from a biodiversity conference – Listening to how to defend and finance nature and biodiversity areas, rewilding and restoration from many different rewilding and nature restoration projects

Biodiversity illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt - Drawn journalism
Di01254 Drawing of a money machine driven by migrating birds.
Drawing of a money machine driven by migrating birds. Biodiversity illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt - Drawn journalism
Di01254 Texted: Wildlife migration as a driver of local economies

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