Hitting an asteroid

The 300+ M. USD NASA project ( DART ) to hit an asteroid to make it change course

Exploring ways to divert asteroids from hitting Earth

Drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt, DrawnJournalism.com

On the 26 Sep. at 7:14 PM EDT time a 570 kg. (1260) pound spacecraft purposely crashed into the 160 m. large moonlet of the asteroid Didymos with a speed of 22.530 km/h. ( 14.000. miles/h) while its camera snapped and scientists watched on Earth 11 million km. ( 7 million miles) away

The mission is about finding ways to diverge asteroids from hitting Earth, by hitting them to make them change course. NASA is behind the estimated 300+ M. USD project

The spacecraft left Earth ten months ago

Scientists now wait to see if the moonlet called Dimorphos has changed course in its orbit around the asteroid

The NASA planetary defense test hitting a moonlet ( Dimorphos) of asteroid Didymos. It hit on 26 Sep. 2022. NASA project called DART - Illustration. dj000060 by Frits Ahlefeldt
The Dart project – Hitting the moonlet Dimorphos of the asteroid Didymos. 11.000km. from Earth to see if it is possible to make the tiny moonlet change course.

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