Global warming and land degradation

In a warmer world, there will be more drought periods and fewer and smaller glaciers on mountain tops to keep the rivers flowing in dry periods


Drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

According to BBC the number of days with temperatures over 50 degrees has doubled since the 1980s (link) and more places also experience prolonged drought periods without hope of long-term relief from melting glaciers

The landscape techniques and designs, used in warmer and dryer regions can make a huge difference to how we and the land cope under the rising temperatures. And slowly we in the temperate zones adapt ways to preserve and utilize water used in arid and desert areas.

The latest advanced technology and communication equipment can also benefit, when used to monitor and coordinate the use of resources in the landscape, and help against drought and heat.

The new technologies can be used together with time-tested solutions, like planting trees, that can help to cool the air temperature, and build water reservoirs to store and release water, and adapting soil management to minimize erosion and loss of water

Another important strategy is to limit our water use in cities and industries that do not benefit nature and the land. Much of the run-off water from industry, roads, and cities is too polluted for the landscapes.

If we can find more eco-friendly ways to make products and live our lives, more of the water we use can continue its circle into the landscape, and instead of being flushed into the sewer to the sea, the water could continue into rivers and lakes, helping nature and us thrive better under drought.

Drawing of a drought hit landscape. Global warming illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
As the temperature rises the amount of land suitable for human habitation across the world is prognosed to diminish fast, we can make a huge difference by changing our ways

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