Climate migration is worldwide

the weather challenges are becoming as global as we are

Extreme weather as the last memory of home

Drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

The amount of people fleeing places that can no longer sustain them is growing in tandem with the world population, as over-stressed landscapes and cleared forests can no longer hold neither the soil nor the rivers or the people in the place they used to call home

Storms and floods that experts describe as “1000 years events”, are more and more often called “last week” by the rest of us, as the predictability of tomorrow is drowning in unexpected cascades of extreme weather events.

Some say it has always been like this, and maybe it has. The Earth is 4+ billion years old and has seen many sudden changes before, even in the short around 1 million years of fire-making apes.

The news is that with 8 billion of them on the planet, all innovative and insisting on expanding their share, the planet is running out of places for us, and the stress is mounting.

To find a better place more and more of us walk off in search of new land of plenty.

Will we find it? Some say the odds are growing as more and more of us are looking for it. Others are more bleak in their views, as the climate challenges are becoming as global as we are.

Drawing of climate migrants walking around planet Earth in the center. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Climate migration is a challenge of global proportions

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