April record breaking heat hits Spain

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, DrawnJournalism.com

A combination of early heatwave with record breaking temperatures of up to 38.8 C. degrees ( Cordoba ) and lack of rain has hit Spain and also Portugal in April 2023 harder than ever.

Both the BBC ( link) and the Guardian ( link) tells of climate experts dropping the jaws in disbelief of how fast the weather patterns are changing towards both more warm and dry weather.

Global warming?

Most scientists are careful to leave a bit of doubt of what can be happening – but climate change is believed to be the most likely explanation, and after a record breaking 2022, with gigantic wildfires and loss of many lives, the direction for 2023 is not looking better so far.

Many now prepare and organize for what can be a tough summer ahead. Hoping for the best, preparing in ways not normal in Europe. And at the same time more long term strategies are being rolled out.

From testing heatwave rescue plans, to open public swim pools much earlier, to changing school schedules, to planting trees in cities to help keep temperatures down, to securing water resources, and adapting fire precautions, and to adapt farming practices for a much warmer tomorrow.

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Illustration of girl sheltering herself with a hand fan in heat. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Woman using folding fan to shelter from the heat ( illustration ref. Dj00218 )

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