Will we merge with our phones?

The perspectives of the latest developments in both AI and in ways to implant new technology into our heads might be mind-blowing in more ways than we humans can comprehend…

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, DrawnJournalism.com

Tech implants whole new level of interaction is becoming possible, just as we were getting used to being tracked and monitored, not just through screens, but also by our smartwatches transmitting our stress levels, energy level, heart beats and mood 24/7

The next generations of monitors are more likely to be implanted, not only into our bodies, but also into our brains. These BCIs ( Brain-computer Interfaces) will Make direct communication between human brains and AI even faster and much more advanced.

Right now the debate about if this is a good or bad thing is having a hard time keeping up with the pace of new tech innovations, and as the engineers open up new land, it looks like each of us might know the answers on more and more questions, before we even ask them in the near future.

And this will work both ways, so the Artificial Intelligence systems we use will know our thoughts too, maybe even before us… to influence them in ways that some fear can be hacked.

These new technologies will make it possible for people to hear, see and talk, if they can’t ( or won’t) And also help cure both epilepsy and depression and make it possible for people to steer anything from artificial legs to remote drones, maybe even other beings, just with thoughts… And much more we haven’t grasped yet…

Link: Read more about tech brain implants on The Conversation in 2023 story

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Drawing of a hand merging with mobile phone. Drawn Journalism illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Hand and phone merging (illustration ref: di01890 )

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