Drawn Journalism is about writing and drawing up stories, combining words and art in new ways

For a living I have been drawing up journalism, stories, ideas, concepts and reportage for the last 20 years

Frits Ahlefeldt – visual journalist and hiker (Born 1966) Live and works out of Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve been working with newspapers, magazines, websites and with consultants or organisations.

I also do own projects, stories, cartoons and web project. 

Drawn journalism is about combining my writing and drawing experiences in what I call drawn journalism.

Background and education

Royal Danish Academy of fine Art – Drawing and design

I started out studying journalism, but switched in the 1990′ to study at the Royal Danish Academy of fine Art.

My goal was to learn to draw and sketch up reality without using words. I studied watercolors, illustration techniques, concept sketching and architecture for almost ten years there.

Learning both to draw up, design, and understand art, landscape, architecture, design and visual communication

University – Master degree in communication, media and design

From 2001 to 2006 I studied storytelling, , media, programming, interactive design and digital journalism, while working as an illustrator for magazines and the largest newspaper in Denmark

In 2006 I graduated and joined the Danish Association of Journalists, to become a full-time magazine and newspaper illustrator for some of the largest newspapers and magazines in Denmark for around ten years.

I went on and back into design and concept-innovation, to use my design background to sketch up ideas and solutions around climate change, resource use, sustainable architecture, apps, thrive and communities

I combine my passion for journalism, reportage, storytelling, art and communication in my work with drawn journalism here.

I work and live out of Copenhagen, Denmark as a journalist

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