Drawn Journalism

For a living I have been drawing up stories, ideas, concepts and reportage for the last 20 years.  Sometimes I was working with design and innovation companies, sometimes with newspapers, sometimes with consultants or organisations and sometimes with my own projects. ( among them projects like Hiking.org )

Drawn journalism is about talking all these different stories, all my early writing experience and my 25+ years of drawing up reality,  and putting everything within one cover with just one word on it: storytelling

About me

Royal Danish Academy of fine Art

In my twenties I ended up at the Royal Danish Academy of fine Art, learning the hard way to design, draw and sketch up reality without using words. Stayed at the Royal Art academy for almost ten years, drawing day and night…

The University, finally getting a degree

In year 2001 the internet was exploding and coming into an reality that changed everything, curious about this digital tsunami, I decided to change from art to communication: For six years I learned about storytelling, , media, programming, interactive design and digital journalism, while working as a newspaper illustrator to whenever I was not at the university.

In 2006 I graduated and joined the Danish Association of Journalists, to become a full-time magazine and newspaper illustrator for some of the largest newspapers and magazines in Denmark for around five years.

Finally I went on and back into design and concept-innovation, to use my design background to sketch up ideas and solutions to a better future, things like how to stop famine, prepare for climate change, make communities stronger, rescue endangered animals and create recovery programs for a stranded, disillusioned global population.

Drawn Journalism is about taking the next step… further into storytelling, combining words and colors in new ways…