Will we merge with our phones?

The perspectives of the latest developments in both AI and in ways to implant new technology into our heads might be mind-blowing in more ways than we humans can comprehend... (illustration: di01890 )

Climate protection can be more

di01662 - Many climate measures will only come into use in extreme storm and weather situations, and to make them better investments and more useful, planners and architects have started to put experiences and other functions into them

Storm surge and sea level rise

Di01658 Sea level rise is the slow turtle that steadily, but quietly crawls up a little higher on the beach every year. Storm surge is the increasingly large bird, flapping its waves, flying fast and destructively inland, soon to be gone again, so reconstruction can begin. With the turtle, no rebuilding is possible.

In the aquarium

I sat in front of the huge aquarium, with coral fish, trying to catch their movements and colors on paper, while listening to the two young mothers sitting with their toddlers beside me

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